Thinking of a Winter Garden? Watch These Tips from Austrian Master

Winter gardening is fun but also challenging, with weather and temperatures often threatening to ruin all your effort. But here’s a few tips from someone who’s mastered the science of raising plants in the cold.

Austrian master gardener (and head of the Austria’s Research Institute of Horticulture) Wolfgang Palme is trying to help people learn to garden all year round. His garden routinely gets temperatures below zero yet still flourishes.

In an interview with Reasons to Be Cheerful, Palme said he discovered “winter farming” after a batch of Asian lettuce in his garden unexpectedly survived an early frost. He has literally laid out a series of techniques that helps you grow salad greens, carrots, peas, and more vegetables all winter.

Watch the full video below and tell us about your winter gardening plans and experiences in the comments.

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