Groom Leaves Bride at Altar, Runs Out of Church – Then Everyone Sees This Recording

Pranks have long been a part of human culture–there’s even a specific day, April Fool’s Day, dedicated to pranks in the western world. It is believed that the tradition of April Fools’ Day dates back to the 16th century when it was observed in France. True, sometimes pranks can be taken too far, but if the prank is not hurting anyone, then I don’t really have a problem with them.

Well this groom got a little too creative when he was at the wedding altar with his bride. The bride looked all very beautiful and the groom was quite excited as well. But it almost looked as if he changed his mind about the groom’s part when he ran away halfway through the wedding.

He said he forgot to bring the ring. Now, this not only left the bride, but the entire room shocked and out of words. The groom really had no business doing them so dirty on the wedding day. But, this was a prank well pulled!

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