Elderly Sisters Fight Over Paying For Hot Dog. Sister Threatens She’ll Not Share Stolen Napkins

Videos of two sisters from Clarksburg, West Virginia have become viral over the internet. One day, a video of 105-year old Gramma and 100-year old Ginga having hilarious bickering was uploaded by their grandchildren on Facebook. Since then, things have gotten crazy. Their grandchildren uploaded more videos of the duo on Youtube and Facebook, mostly about the two having a hilarious argument and other shenanigans.

On this particular video, Gramma was sitting in the passenger’s seat of the car while Ginga was sitting at the back seat. While their granddaughter was driving, Gramma slowly opened her purse and took out some cash. She rolled it and reached backward towards her sister, Ginga. When Ginga asked what the money was for, Gramma attempted to trick by saying, “Take it, and I’ll tell you later what it’s for”.

Ginga asked their granddaughter who was driving what the money was for and she answered that she wasn’t sure. Gramma had tried to make her sister take the cash again, but Ginga was not deceived by this and said that she will not take the cash as it was she who bought the hotdogs. She also mentioned that they always buy her food to eat.

Gramma tries to trick Ginga into taking the cash again until Ginga finally said that she “don’t give a shit” and even threatened that she will not give Gramma napkins she stole from the hot dog place. Their granddaughter laughing can be heard in the background throughout the video. Apparently, the place they were supposed to go to was closed and they went to get some gas, in which, Ginga exclaimed that the gas was more expensive at $2.29 compared to $2.23.

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