Two Guys Dress Up As Grannies Surprised Neighbors With A Door

There are things we do a certain way. However, what happens when we reverse them. It’s a thinker, isn’t it?

Well, a Youtuber by the name of Trent Tony shoots a video. He is celebrating a reverse Halloween. The duo is walking with a door, knocking on others’ homes. Only to give them candy.

grandma with a door halloween

Using a “fake” door in front of each door, they knocked on each one as they went from house to house. Answerers were baffled at first when two “grannies” approached them and offered them candy. One woman Someone was perplexed and asked: “You mean you’re giving it back?”

The reactions are hilarious. Please enjoy the funny clip, and share your afterthoughts in the feed. Watch the full video here:

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