They Thought It Was a Bird on the Mall But Wait Till It Turns Around

Growing up with sesame streets was one of the many joys of our generations. The show made its first broadcast in 1969, and soon after, it was a household name. Mostly for the children and the interest sparked in adults, too, depending on their sketches.

If you ask anyone, the characters are typically the favorite part of the shows. Sadly, with time, the programs were hardly airing frequently as before. However, loyal fans never fade so quickly. If you don’t believe me, you can meet our youngest fan of Ernie and Big bird. Even more, leaning on the latter character.


The cute toddler running in fluffy costumes is Lenah. She adores giant yellow characters. Hence, when she learned about Big Bird, she instantly became the biggest fan. The outfits clearly look like her Halloween costumes. But according to her dad, she hardly goes out without her bright yellow fluff and orange-colored shoes.

The footage is taken inside one of the Walmart by her daddy. The head looks a little big for her petite head, as the young almost stumbles into a line of merchandise while she strolls in the mart. Needless to say, the whole scenario is cute and hilarious. Please enjoy these few seconds of pure joy here:

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