Trick-or-Treat is a tradition that started as a way to please the supernatural. Specifically, the dead were believed to roam around on 31st October, now the day of Halloween. So, people dressed up like the spirits and offered them food and treat in exchange for good fortune. Trick-or-treat has now transformed into a custom of giving out candy.

Today, we can see children dressing up in fun characters and going up to people’s doors asking for treats. Adults happily welcome them and give them candy. But what these two guys do in the video is the complete opposite of what you’d expect trick-or-treating to be. This “reverse trick-or-treating” is the funniest thing you’ll see this Halloween.

reverse trick

Homeowners are baffled by what they see when they open the door. There is another closed door! The door has a sign that says, “ please knock.” What they see when the door opens will make you laugh. Two grown men dressed up as old women are on the other side. What a trick! They even give the treat givers some treats back! What a surprise for the unexpecting homeowners. Watch the hilarious video down below:

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