Grandma Turns Up Tunes, Blows Viewers’ Minds With Hip Hop Performance

The dancing trend has changed so much over time. But from Jazz to ballet, the latest craze of “hip-hop” has been incorporated in almost everything these days.

Due to their catchy tunes, the new generation seems to be drawn to it. Not only, but the trend that follows them is impossible to keep up. Everyone has their own pace of keeping track of these enormous changes.

Hence, when this video of an 86-year old grandma doing Nae-Nae was released, it pretty soon went viral. Initially, we see the lovely grandma busting some moves. Her grandson is guiding her all the way. The clip goes on for quite the extent of time. The older woman goes on performing the whole song. Even though she gets a little agitated during the process. She keeps on going and finally finishes the piece.


She seems to enjoy the dance in the very beginning. However, after a specific time, she looks totally over it. This could be because of the repetition. Nonetheless, she tries her best to make her son happy. The kid ended the video with a grin, and wasn’t it all worth it? I say it was refreshing to see a granny rocking the new generation music.

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