As we grow up, we develop all sorts of interests: collecting arts or stamps or a different hobby entirely. But keeping up with staying focused on one activity is quite tricky. Especially as a younger kid, when all we want to do is play with our friends.

Stephen Padlo is not your average child. The kid is way ahead of his time. Antiques Roadshow is generally one of the shows, who viewership is primarily adults. The program show details about antiques and arts. Hence, some kids instead enjoy a fun cartoon than be bothered with who painted what.

Stephen is a big fan of the show, which means he has a more profound interest and understanding of the arts. He enjoys investing in silverware, old paintings so that Stephen can sell them online. His only goal here is to reach, and it seems like luck has favored his dreams. The kid usually buys this stuff in his hometown. During one hot summer day, he spotted a watercolor art piece. He waited in line for almost two hours and bought the painting for $2. When he finds out how much it’s actually worth, Stephen is shocked to his inner core.

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