Golden Retriever Sees His Own Reflection for First Time: Who’s That Dog?

Pets and their reactions to everyday objects can lead to some of the funniest videos, and here’s proof: watch this adorable golden retriever puppy discover his own reflection!

Noah is a puppy who’s still finding his way in the world. He was recently in the family kitchen and noticed his own reflection in the mirrored glass of the oven door–and boy was it a shock! Noah is a little curious at first, but seems startled when the other dog moves.

After a bit Noah decides it’s just too much–he barks, looks around for someone to help him and eventually has to head out to the other room!

But soon curiosity gets the better of him and he has to come back to check it out: will that other dog still be there? And when he discovers it is, the dang it, he better go hide again! This video is too cute for words!

Watch the full video of Noah below and let us know your best story of your puppy or kitten discovering something new!

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