Clever Golden Retriever Pulls Trick On Owner – Makes Him Think He Hasn’t Had His Treat

Golden Retriever, the highly domesticated dogs, were initially bred around 1864 by Lord Tweedmouth of Inverness. This canine companion is one of three choices of species out of 195. The furry buddy is highly energetic, loyal, and really smart, too, it seems.

In an attempt on a TikTok trend, a dog owner is completely fooled by his buddy. In this particular trend, individuals put a tasty treat in front of babies or pets and are left with it for a specific period. The whole point behind it is to test their patience.

The pet featured below baffled its audience by displaying this cunning behavior. Initially, the owner takes out a yummy treat and places it in front of the dog. Furthermore, he instructs to resist eating it. The man walks away slowly. The golden retriever keeps an eye on his caretaker.

Once he is out of sight, he gobbles up the item on the table. Not just that, he goes further enough to take out the same treat from the drawer and put it on the table. He almost forgets to close the drawer; however, he manages to accomplish this whole plan before his owner’s entrance. Eventually, the man walks in unaware of the whole scenario. Feeds his devilish dog the treat. The video has since gone viral with around 2.5 million views and thousands of shares.

Just imaging, if it weren’t for the camera and Tiktok, we would have never been able to witness such a remarkable intelligence. Do share your thoughts on this pup, activities.

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