After Watching This, You’ll Never Look At Dogs The Same Way Ever Again

Dogs are the best friends that we can ever have. They are endlessly loving, loyal and devoted towards their owners. In a time when friends and family can turn their back on you for profit, it’s nice to know that we still have genuine companions among us, and those are dogs. They don’t ask for anything in return for their loyalty—all they ask for is love in return, and a little bit of treats and play time! After all, you might have never met a dog who’s not enjoyed a good run in the park!

And their sweet nature has not been wasted on humans. Of course, we do heard of heartbreaking cases of animal cruelty. But for the most part, people who love dogs are just obsessed with them. They prefer the company of their canine friends over humans, and that is saying something! Studies have even shown that spending time with your dog is good for your health as it lowers stress and blood pressure. Dogs even guard your home and family like their own. No matter which way you look at it, there is no disadvantage of having a pooch!


Over the years, there have been many artists that have expressed their love for these loyal companions. From movies that pay homage to our gentle friends to books that document the adventures that took place with them, there are so many pieces of work that show love for dogs. The following video is no exception. It is a poem called “God Made Dog”, and it beautifully expressed why dogs were created.

Even if you’re not a dog person, this one with surely pull at your heartstring

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