Golden Retriever Patiently Watches Newborn Kittens – This Video Melts My Heart

Cats and dogs are known to be natural enemies. So, it’s impressive when you see people keeping the two as pets. Moreover, these pets sometimes even form a special bond with each other, that is just too adorable! But this instance of interspecies friendship spans more than a generation. You just have to see this pooch taking care of 5 little kittens, yourself!

Golden Retrievers are an incredibly friendly breed of dogs. Because of this reason, many people with kids like to keep them as pets. Moreover, you can even get some time off as dogs can be very protective and vigilant around kids. And this golden dog loves being a nanny to her best feline friends adorable litter!

canine nanny

The period post-birth can be a stressful time for any new mother. This was so for the ginger cat in the video. So, while she rests and recuperates, her best canine friend took the responsibility of her kittens. The dog patiently looks over the five newborns as their mother feeds and bathes them. Furthermore, the kittens even use the pooch as a bed while their mother is away. Watch the heart-melting video below:

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