Young Boy Gives Adorable Explanation of Why God Made Grandmothers

This is a short but terrific little video that is bound to melt your heart if you’re a grandparent, and maybe even if you’re not.

Grandmas are one of the best things a child could ever get. They take care of you and they love to pamper you. From giving them extra pocket money, to baking their favorite cakes, grandmas really know how to spoil their grandkids, don’t they?

So it comes as no surprise how little kids are so attached to their grans! Just look at the cute boy below! He was asked one simple question “Why did God create grandmothers?”

And he also has a very simple answer. He gives a short reply where he talks about his 100 year old Mamaw and gives his reason as to why he adores her. You are going to melt when you hear his cute little answer!

Watch the short video clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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