Choir Starts Singing Song of Praise, Until a Little Girl Steps in and Steals the Spotlight

If you want a little pick me up, just watch the One Voice Children’s Choir perform “Glorious” at Millennial Falls in Draper, Utah. The song was written by David Archuleta, the runner-up on the seventh season of American Idol, and was produced for the Church-backed documentary “Meet the Mormons”. The children sound like angels, and “Glorious” is very inspiring, particularly if you listen to the words. Their beautiful harmonies create an incredible symphony of praise.

And you don’t have to believe in God or follow a spiritual path to be able to enjoy good music, even though it is from a choir. The video has been viewed nearly 8 million times on YouTube. The children’s voices are so pure and wonderful, the song has even touched those who are not very spiritual. An atheist on YouTube commented that their voices were just awesome.

The award-winning One Voice Children’s Choir is made up of 140 children ages 4 to 18. Their goal is to inspire, enrich, and uplift those around them. It’s apparent that they are doing just that! Their voices are just flawless, and it blends together seamlessly. They did a really good job of it, and with voices like that, they will surely go far!

You can only imagine how long it took for them to nail this! Their efforts really paid off though.

Check out their amazing performance below:

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