Dog Sold on Craigslist Would Walk Around With Bed on Her Back in Order to Feel Safe

Some animals rely on their evolutionary traits to stay safe in the wild. Like zebra’s who remain in herds to ward off deadly predators, or turtles who have their hard shells! Dogs have a unique relationship with humans, where we nurture and protect them. But this little dog’s previous owner scared her so much that she adopted an odd method for her safety.

Holly is a three-year-old Chinese Crested dog. People know this dog for having a hairless body and only have fur on their heads! Unfortunately, this pooch didn’t have the best former life. Luckily, her current owner was able to rescue her off craigslist. But the damage that the breeder did can still be seen today. Even after coming to her haven, she was walking around with her bed on her back. Like a turtle, so that she could feel safe!

holly chinese crested

Nobody knows what Holly had to go through at the breeders. But she is finally beginning to trust her kind mother! Moreover, the dog who used to be terrified of everything is transforming into a playful ball of energy. Now, she spins around and wags her tail with happiness! Not to mention how much fun the sassy dog has playing in her pj’s! Watch her touching story below:

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