Glen Campbell’s Daughter Honors Her Dad With This Song, & Its Bringing Millions to Tears

Ashley Campbell is the daughter of the legendary Glen Campbell. She just released a new song called “Remembering” that shows a heartrending viewpoint of her dad’s condition. Four years ago, Glen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and he barely recognizes his loved ones today. Making music is a far cry. According to his wife, he still has the same twinkle in his eye and every day his family visits him in the memory care facility that is a few minutes from his home.

Glen’s family is focused on raising awareness of Alzheimer’s to the world. Ashley’s song is a really beautiful tribute to not only her dad, but also other people who suffer from the condition. It is quite clear to see that she is really proud of her father. The lyrics are poignant but beautiful. You are going to be in tears when you hear this tribute!

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