Toddler Smuggles Stray Puppy Into Class but When She Gets Caught, My Heart Ache A little

In my opinion, children have the purest of intentions. Moreover, young kids don’t know the complete difference between wrong and right. However, there are times where they show the type of compassion that you can’t find anywhere else! Like in the case of Qi Qi, who had a puppy in her school bag. But the reason why she kept it in the first place will melt your heart.

The toddler from Sichuan, China, was on her way to school when she spotted a stray puppy by the side of a road. Qi Qi couldn’t help but worry about the tiny dog without a home. So, without thinking, the girl put it in her backpack and went about her day! Although Qi Qi was trying to do her best to conceal her secret, her kindergarten teacher found the pup. It must have been some kind of movement or sound coming from the bag! But the moment her teacher confronts her; the girl breaks down into tears.

qi qi finds puppy

The fact that her teacher found the puppy is devastating to Qi Qi. But not for the reason you think! Instead of worrying about if she’s in trouble, the toddler has concerns about the puppy first. She believes that her teacher will send the pooch away! Moreover, she promises that the dog won’t hurt people. Luckily, the teacher saw empathy in the little girl’s eyes. And now, the canine has found a forever home with Qi Qi and her twin sister. All because of the girl’s kindness.

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