Whole Stadium Falls Silent As Girl In Roller Skates Dances To Whitney Houston. And It Is Extraordinary!

Figure skating is just the most beautiful sport in the world. It combines the beauty of dance with the challenge of balancing on skates. Moreover, we are used to seeing beautiful figure skaters in ice. So it’s a change in scenery when you get to see a figure skater with wheels! And this dancer is just extraordinary.

Luna Casaretto is well known in the skating scene. She skates for the MAGMA PATINAJE ARTISTICO club, which specializes in rollerblading. Although you may think that only children skate with these shoes with four tiny wheels, but you would be very wrong, especially after you see her performance!

luna casaretto skates

In a 2014 video on YouTube, Casaretto skates to Whitney Houston’s classic hit, “I Will Always Love You.” She skates to the middle of the gymnasium after the host calls her name and sits on the floor. She begins with slow moves that go with the start of the song. But soon enough, she glides through with the most beautiful spins I have ever seen. Furthermore, you have to see what she does in the powerful chorus of the song! Watch it below:

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