Elephant Loves Woman’s Voice – Falls Asleep Every time She Sings A Lullaby

There may be a lot of differences between animals and humans, but you cannot deny the fact that all species need nurturing. And what is more comforting than a lullaby! Moreover, when the warm voice of a maternal figure sings the sweet tune, nothing can be as soothing. This is why the woman can lull an elephant right away to sleep!

Lek Chailert is a special woman. She is the founder of the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand. Furthermore, she has saved over 200 elephants around Thailand. Chailert not only rescues elephants but also rehabilitates them as most that come to the sanctuary have severe psychological trauma. This story is about the first elephant born at the park!

elephant lullaby

Faa Mai is a happy Elephant. After all, everyone at the sanctuary loves spoiling her. But her bond with Chailert is extraordinary. Further, every time she hears the caretaker sing, she falls asleep. You can see that she even pulls Chailert and takes her to the stable. As Chailert continues singing in her calm voice, the elephant tucks herself to sleep. Watch the heartwarming video below:

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