They Love This Shy 12-Yr-Old’s Singing – But Then She Starts to Dance…

Children can be shy and hesitant when they are in front of a massive crowd. Sometimes  it overcomes them but other times they get over it. Well here’s a video of a girl that not only got over it, but went on to captivate the judges and the crowd with both singing and dancing.

12-year-old Annie Jones came all the way from Australia to the stage of America’s Got Talent to see if she had what it takes. She admits she’s nervous when judge Sophia Vergara asks, but since she’s been singing for five years it appears she’s going to be able to get through.

When she starts singing fellow-Australian Toni Watson’s “Dancing Monkey” it’s good but not great, but she does have judge Sophia the audience on her side, clapping along for encouragement. Once she starts to dance, however, the audition jumps to the next level.

Annie and her performance blew the audience’s mind and she gets a standing ovation from everyone, judges included. She is simply amazing. Watch the amazing audition video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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