Taylor Swift has to be one of the biggest stars in the world right now. She started out with country music, but over the years, her style has slowly evolved to include more pop elements. Her songwriting style appeals to millions of people, and she’s won many awards for it as well. She’s made waves with every album she’s released, and she shows no signs of stopping at all!

Her career has been marked with much controversy. She was in the spotlight after Kanye West famously interrupted her while receiving an MTV video music award. She is also criticized for being quite a heartbreaker, dating many celebrities but not sticking with any one of them. Despite being faced with so much criticism all the time, she has found a way to deal with it.

Her songs reflect this attitude of hers. She’s learned to have a thick skin and shake off the haters and their comments. “Shake It Off” was a huge hit, and has over 2 billion views on YouTube alone! Many have uploaded their song and dance covers of the song on the internet, but the one shown below stands out from the rest. This young lady named Mackenzie danced to the hit at the grocery store! She danced like nobody was watching, and even other shoppers joined in!

Her carefree style and happy moves got her the attention of Taylor Swift herself! Now this video has millions of views too!

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