Girl Bursts Into Tears at the Middle of Tribute to Her Late Mother When Her Sister Joins in, I’m Crying

Losing a parent is one of the hardest things you go through in life. However, it’s sadder when the loss comes earlier than expected. Situations like this are shown in movies and TV shows all the time. But this American musical drama has a scene that is just too real!

Nashville is a fantastic show that shows all the ins and outs of the music industry. It also has a fair share of drama! However, it’s the charming characters and love of family that makes this show so sweet. Moreover, this scene by the Nashville Cast has everyone crying on their couches!

nashville moms tribute

After the character Rayna passes away, her family holds a tribute where the older sister sings “Sanctuary.” Played by real-life singing prodigy Lenon, it is haunting. However, the memory of her mother is too strong, and she breaks down on stage. But what happens next is so touching. The younger sister, played by Maisy, picks up where her sister has left and continued the angelic song. And what the father does next touching! Watch the video below:

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