Feral German Shepherd Meets an Injured Hummingbird, the Result is Just Heartwarming

When Rex, a German shepherd mix, was abandoned as a puppy he grew up to be a wild and feral dog. He had to survive on his own, so he would hunt and kill other smaller animals to live. Thankfully, he was rescued and adopted by a kind man named Ed Gernon. Rex became a sweet, well-behaved dog, but his gentle side left everyone surprised.

Ed came across a tiny, helpless hummingbird one day. He thought the hummingbird was dead at first, but Rex refused to abandon the bird that was covered in ants when he was found. Once Gernon realized that the bird was still breathing, he took her under his wing. He fed her a sugar syrup mixture until the bird regained her strength. They named her Hummer, and she became another member of the family.

Because she was strong enough now, Gernon has been leaving the windows open for Hummer to be free, but the bird refused to leave. She had bonded well with the kind man and Rex, and Rex was especially so gentle with the bird. He didn’t even mind when Hummer used his water bowl as a bathtub! Interspecies friendship is always heartwarming to see, but this particular case is especially adorable, don’t you agree? Check out their story below:

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