Ukulele Orchestra Plays “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and It’s Like Nothing You’ve Heard Before

Who would have thought ukulele is excellent to play western movie tracks? Well, this fantastic band called ‘The Ukes’ put out their unique twist to the original tune of this classic. As we know, ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ is the one the most popular western song. And this version musical version is lovely.

In the movie, this particular tune added a whole new vibe and excitement. However, these talented artists create an entirely different experience. Notably, the guy with unbelievable whistling skills steals the show. They successfully manage to make the best soundtrack out there. Also, incredible ensemble and the melodic versatility with a ukulele is mindblowing. If you are a spaghetti western music fanatic, this musical masterpiece will steal your heart. I can’t stop listening to this beautiful tune over and over again.

The Ukes play an unforgettable tribute to the western film industry. And the British ukulele orchestra will make your moment worthwhile. You won’t believe as their performance creates a whole new symphony, beyond your imagination. It is one of the best covers of this song on the internet. Their dazzling version left me in goosebumps. Watch this video down below:

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