5 Men Begin Their Irish Dance And Completely Mesmerize Audience

There are so many kinds of dancing in the world. Every culture has its own dance. Some of them have preserved it while others have disappeared with time. Among the world’s many dances, the Irish dance is still celebrated and shows no signs of stopping. It is like tap dance, but it has a very unique style. The music involved in it also stands out with its heavy use of fiddles.

While the exact history of traditional Irish dancing is not too clear, many people say that it started in the 16th century. It was a huge part of the nation’s history and culture, and it still is. With the younger generation taking interest in the beautiful dance, its legacy will remain strong forever. The following video shows an incredible performance by a group of youngsters that will surely blow you away.

This performance was done for the Irish Dance World Championships in 2017. The group was called Fusion Fighters, and their dance was on another level! It started off with a group performing quite a traditional version on the dance onstage. But things got shaken up when 5 men stepped up. They stole the show with their moves! These guys flawlessly blended more modern dance moves and rhythm into their performance. No wonder everyone loved it!

Check out the full video below:

[ytvid id=”K6WuY6994zg”]

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