Disturbed Dog Begs Strangers To Free Him From Melting Car Then Angry Cop Comes For Owner

When are people going to learn that leaving your kids or dogs in the car does not end well. In just a couple of minutes of leaving them, the car heats up and will turn into an oven. That kind of heat can cause them to develop brain damage or even death due to heatstroke. Some believe that if you leave the windows slightly open or you’re parked in the shade it is safe, but it is not, it is still very dangerous.

This one morning at Colorado, a woman was walking her dog when she hears a dog barking for help, and the bark seems to be coming from a car nearby. There she sees the dog stuck in the car wanting to be free as it was trying to slip through the cracked window. Thankfully that good woman showed up to be able to help the poor dog– she also recorded the whole incident. Deputy Kelly Fosler from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is the one that attended to the call and she immediately released the dog.

Deputy Fosler stated that the temperature inside the car was 90 degrees and continuing to increase, and said that the dog was there for at least 20 minutes. The deputy was heartbroken as she is an animal lover and a canine officer.

It is better to leave your beloved pets at home on a hot day for a hot car is no place for them. They can’t sweat it out as the saying goes as they don’t have sweat glands. Also, when you see something like this, always report to the authorities and ask for help if you are not an expert.

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