Toddler Learns He’s Getting a Baby Sister, Then Says 2 Words That Light Up the Internet

Discriminating the color for gender has been an old concept. But, people still do it as a part of a fun activity. It is widely practiced in kindergarten schools as well. It has set the norm regarding boys prefer blue color whereas girls choose pink. However, we have been conceptualized on kids prefer the same gender during their play as well. Whether it’s a girl or a boy, new comings are always a way to the celebration.

This amusing video reveals the gender of the newborn kid with family. Father and son looked pretty excited to know the gender of their new member. Meanwhile, the kid’s reaction was priceless after the color popped out from the balloon. He looked he did not prefer that color. And, the kid seems biased toward one of the genders he is welcoming. He shows his shocking reaction and steps backward.

However, his response was humorous and light up the internet. Watch it below for full video.

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