Best Man’s Epic Speech At His Brother’s Wedding Has Guests Rolling With Laughter

The best man’s speech is the second biggest highlight of a wedding. This is where the groom’s close friends or family give a peek into his messy character behind his regal appearance, all wrapped up in one neat package. Most best man’s speech is a dash of humor, a dash of humiliation, and a lot of emotions.

But this best man took a different road when it comes to the best man’s speech. When the groom, Tim, sits down to hear his best man give a toast, he is completely unaware that he has just been roped into a roast.


Although Joe Leinen promised that he won’t roast his brother, he went ahead and delivered a speech doing exactly that. He states:

“I was a bit surprised that he chose me as his best man, I don’t think he realized that I get the chance to stand up here and say whatever I wanted about him, in front of all his friends and family. The moment I’ve been looking forward to for years.”

Here’s the full video of this comedic speech.

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