Parents of This 2-yr-old Set Up Swimming Pool Fence for Safety- Never Realizing What Their Sneaky Baby Had in Mind

Toddlers may be innocent and naive. However, what we often undermine about them is their cleverness. As naive as we may think they are, toddlers can be dangerously clever.

Some parents posted videos of two-year-olds climbing fences and safety guards in the swimming pool without any trouble. They climb up and undo the locks easily. This can seem hilarious and even amazing when you see it. But, if these children are left without parental supervision major accidents are most likely to occur.

In not just one, but several videos, toddlers are scaring parents all around the world. It is not only important to keep an eye on these little mischievous ones, but you should also make sure to keep a safety guard. Children should be kept safe. They might get fussy but you should rather let them fuss and cry than catch a serious accident.

Just keep in mind, prevention is always better than cure. Watch the full video below!

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