Man Brings Frozen Kitten Back to Life After Doing CPR for Over an Hour

During this winter season, it’s good for us to remember that there are those who need a little help. And those that need help are not just limited to the human world.

Here’s a man and his family that find a frozen bundle of fur they thought was dead–the kids actually tell him they found a dead cat–and do whatever is necessary to bring it back to life. It starts with Justin, the storyteller, finding a white kitten later named Lazarus in the snow.

“His eyes were frozen open, I just started to do these gentle chest compressions. Truth be told, I didn’t even know if I was doing it right,” said the owner. “All the kids were gathered around, and my dad said, ‘the cat’s dead. Just stop guys, he’s dead.’ ” Everyone else even left the room, believing he was dead.

But, “after about an hour and a half of pumping his chest, he just takes this gentle inhale.” The cat was still alive! “To our amazement,” said Branden, Justin’s brother, “he’s alive. He’s as timid and terrified as you can possibly imagine, but he’s alive.”

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