Starving Fox Asks Ice Fishermen for a Snack and It’s Heart wrenching

Wild animals like to stay away from humans unless they are forced to come in contact with us. Unfortunately, this is increasing day by day as humans encroach more of their habitats. Moreover, people have also noticed animals coming closer to human territories when the animals are starving, as is the case of this wild creature!

Some parts of Russia are so cold that lakes freeze year-round. Furthermore, people who live there have adapted and know how to work with the elements. Take, for example, these fishermen who are collecting fish from a frozen lake. However, they did not expect this red fox to show up!

fox approaches fishermen

These Russian fishermen were doing their jobs when they spotted a four-legged animal coming towards them. It was especially surprising as wild animals usually stay away from people. And animals don’t typically wander in such cold weather. But the fox must have been starving. So, it came to the men to ask for some food. The people must have been touched by the rare occurrence and feed it the fish they have collected. Watch the video below:

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