Everyone’s definition of adulthood is different, but it always entails taking responsibility for one’s own life. The tasks and projects seem to never end, and we all wish we could go back to being kids so we could be as carefree as we desire.

While on the other side, kids can’t wait to be adults. This article tells us about a little kiddo who is too busy to stop and play! In fact, according to his lengthy to-do list, he’s busier than most grownups.

This 4-year-old Irish kid Darragh O’Neill goes over the tasks he’ll be doing for the day. He professes to be a very busy small man, as evidenced by his enormous to-do list. For more than three minutes, this little kid recites all his job for the day to his mother.

To detail, his responsibilities include constructing his home, digging a sewer for a neighbor, and even wiping the windows of a Marks & Spencer store, according to him. Not only that but, he argues he needs to go to Dublin for the digger, despite the fact that the project’s budget is only £20. Well, we all wish him the best of luck.

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