Being a parent is not an easy job, but it sure is fun to see your kids laughing and full of joy. Hence, parents come up with all sorts of silly games and activities. Especially, dads, they love to goof around with their child.

Four loving fathers join the stage to perform a hilarious take on Swan Lake.

Lincoln Elementary School in Wyckoff, New Jersey has a program for the parents as  “Wyckoff Dad’s Night.” The show has gained enough fame to have its own website for that we have the fun-loving dads to thank.

The school has over 60 dad’s performances so far. The clip features one of the fun acts. Ballet takes years and years of practice just to be able to execute the basic moves. However, these dads just want to enjoy their night and make their children laugh.

The dads enter the stage dressed in white tutu skirts and veil headdresses with socks instead of shoes.

They display an entertaining act and the loud cheer from the crowd is an approving sound. Please press play and enjoy this dad-erinas.

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