Indian Ringneck Parrot Adorably Flirts With His Girlfriend

Parrots, the birds, are famously known for their ability to mimic their surroundings. They are like kids who pick up any to everything they hear. And with the power of the internet, we can view an abundance of videos with impressive mimicry by the birds.

Most of the time, it’s their owners’ routine behavior. While during others, it’s something unusual that they overheard on tv. Furthermore, they are one of the impatience flyers. Even on the ground, they keep running around babbling words that hardly make sense.

Besides being hyperactive, they are adorable romantic with their partners. Therefore, they always are seen in pairs and are monogamous throughout life. Similar to the clip featured below. Moreover the two birds are enjoying each other’s company.

Jojo is bright green colored with a ring on its neck, which closely resembles a necklace. In contrast, Buddy is lime green colored with faded white lines from her beak to all the way down. Indian Ringneck Parrot keeps asking for kisses with his loving Quaker Parrot preens, enjoying the undivided attention. Do take a look at the live-action of these two loving birds flirting with each other. Share your thoughts in the feed.

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