Flight Attendant Watches Family Try to Calm Baby for 15 Minutes, Then He Grabs Her…

Parenting is not easy, especially on a plane. You are bound to be within the walls for hours with minimum activities to entertain the toddler. On the other hand, babies don’t care or understand the concept of personal space. If they are troubled, they constantly cry for hours and hours.

What’s worst, the parents are well aware of the judgmental looks glaring at them. Nine months old, Alayna Dowell was on her first flight. The adorable toddler was not abroad with the sudden change, hence began the water work. She was going to Disneyland, but the pressure took the best for her. Instantly she was panicking and began crying for long hours.

Later on, Good Morning America, the parents said, “We’re feeling like we’re those people on the plane, with the baby that’s crying, and everyone wants to kick you off the plane.” After few minutes, the flight attendant, Wesley Hunt, made way to the Dowell family.

But it didn’t happen anything like the parents were expecting: he came to offer help calming the little one down. He even used pretzels as a prop to help the little ones. In no time, Alayna drifted back to the dreamland. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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