He Raised Wild Gorillas For 6 Years. Despite The Warnings, He Introduces Wife, But Then She Gets Too Close

It’s no secret that our human behaviors have cost us the loss of many beautiful animals. Gradually, the ones existing today are also going extinct. Hence Damian Aspinall, a Multi-millionaire conservationist, decided to take action. With enough donations and support, Damian bred two gorillas.

He named them, Djalta and Ima. Damian took care of the two babies, gorillas, till they were grown up to 12-years-old. Now, it was time for them to be moved to a wildlife conservation area. Despite his friends’ constant warning, he decided to meet his long-lost buddies after a total of four years.

However, he was not alone this time. He took his wife victoria for a brief introduction. Initially, they walked through the stiff jungles and traveled in the crocodile-infested waters to meet Djalta and Ima. With no luck, they resort to the help of technology. They gave their drone a try. Fortunately, the beautiful animals were close by the river, enjoying the sun.

At first, Damian was the only one out of the boat. He stayed there to calm Djalta and Ima. Once they began communicating, he called his wife to make the first contact. Surprisingly Djalta and Victoria bonded quickly. They were lying on each other back from time to time. The heartwarming exhibition of love is truly outstanding. Please press play and enjoy the unusual bonding moment.

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