Puppy Was Sad At Shelter, Then The Firefighter Who Saved Her From Neglect Shows Up

There is no doubt that dogs are adorable. They can make a person do anything with their puppy-dog eyes and wagging tail. The No. 14 crew of the local fire department passed by an abandoned 3-month-old dog tied to a tree during a call. The October day in Sacramento was cold, and it was raining, which is why the pup was cold, shivering, and was noticeably suffering from mange.

So, they brought back “Chunky” to the fire station. The team gave her a bath and loads of cuddles. Then they took her to the Front Street Animal Shelter to receive further treatment. However, one of the firefighters, Mike Thawley, had not forgotten about the sweet pup. He even went back to visit her. And the pooch had not forgotten about the man who saved her. Instead, she greeted him with the utmost enthusiasm!

Later, Mike went again with his wife and three daughters. And consequently, they won the heart of the family as a whole. There was no question that Chunky had found her forever home. After getting a clean bill of health, the Thawley family got a dog that they loved and who loved them back! Watch the moment Chunky goes to her forever home:

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