There’s More to This Picture Than a Woodpile – Do You See It?

This picture raised so much suspicion and even frustration among people all over the internet. You will understand why when you watch this picture.

Something that isn’t a piece of wood is definitely hanging out in this photo of what appears to be a slew of stacks of wood. It’s up to you to track down the elusive object without going insane in the process. If you’re as baffled as I was, you can find the solution farther down the page. But try to find it first!


Well, all you see here is a pile of woods. That’s it. Or is that it? Take a deeper look.

Here’s a clue in this 1792 poem by Anna Seward:

There, as our silent-footed race behold
The crimson spots and fins of lucid gold,
Venturing without the shielding waves to play,
They gasp on shelving banks, our easy prey:
While birds unwinged hop careless o’er the ground,
And the plump mouse incessant trots around,
Near wells of cream that mortals never skim,
Warm marum creeping round their shallow brim;
Where green valerian tufts, luxuriant spread,
Cleanse the sleek hide and form the fragrant bed …

One last clue before you see the answer: the name of the poem is ‘An Old Cat’s Dying Soliloquy.’

Still don’t know – then look below!

Now, take a look at the first picture again–see, it’s there!

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