She Disappeared Without a Trace – Then Reunites with Her Children after 32 Years

There are many cases in the world where people disappear, leaving the police baffled and the family in shambles. Here’s one where the police kept going for decades and the family at last reunited and found closure.

Vera Brown disappeared from western New South Wales, Australia, in 1972, leaving only photographs behind for her family. Her children were left motherless for years. People searched for her but were not successful. That’s why Vera was just a name of mystery and suspicion for all the several years she left and there was no explanation until she returned back after years.

In the video, Vera explains that during that vacation in 1972, Les (a man she had just met but ran off with for a two-week holiday) wouldn’t take her back to her family. Instead, they started building their home. The man also manipulated Vera and made her believe that they should be hiding because creditors were after them. So, she went away from her children for years and reunited with them after she had the confidence to reveal the truth.

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