Farmer Shares a Two-ingredient Recipe to Effectively Get Rid of Mice and Rats

Farmers are the best when it comes to efficient ways to diminish problems related to insects and rats. You just can’t help but thank this man for his idea.

There is always a massive issue of mice in your house or your fields and barely any solution. There are many people who are always trying to get rid of these pesky animals. Therefore, this farmer is here to help just anyone who might need it. You should always make sure you do things the right way and avoid doing anything the wrong way as such.

You need two ingredients to get rid of the mouse. The Pine Meadows Hobby Farm is run by Jerry Hanson and is located in the Cascade mountains of Oregon. He suggests some cornbread mix, baking soda, and Tupperware. There are enough to chase those irrational animals away.

You will find this very helpful. Watch the full video below!

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