Fallon vs. Travolta – Who Does Best Version of Travolta in Classic Movie Roles?

John Travolta has played many iconic roles in his four decades on the screen and Jimmy Fallon is well-known as a master impersonator. But can Fallon out-Travolta than man himself?

On a variation of his popular “song generator” game, Fallon rigs up a “random Travolta generator” that randomly displays the various roles Travolta has played on the big screen. The actors take turns acting out the role and the audience judges who is best. It’s a well-known theme on Fallon’s show and has resulted in many classic skits.

In this “random generator” game, this is the first time, however, that Fallon has tried his luck against the actor who actually created the roles in question. The result is some fun moments with take-offs from Travolta roles in films such as Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Pulp Fiction.

It’s great laughs. Watch the full video below!

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