Guy Made a Hilarious Parody of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’- Pay Close Attention to the Lyrics

“Weird Al” Yankovic is an American singer-songwriter. He is known for his humorous songs which make fun of pop-culture. Often, they are parodies of contemporary acts. His songs consist of hilarious lyrics set to the backdrop of existing music. And his favorite instrument, the ‘accordion’, is almost always present.

Yankovic has sold more than 12 million albums. Thus earning him five Grammy Awards and many more nominations. One of his more popular songs is ‘Eat It’ which was released in 1984. Hence, his song will surely bring up 80’s nostalgia. Here, Weird Al talks from the point of view of parents of fussy children complaining about the food. I’m sure everyone remembers a time when their parents used this song against them. 

Eat It- Weird Al

‘Eat It’ is a parody of Michael Jackson’s hit single ‘Beat It’. The song by the King of Pop was about life on the streets and gang violence. However, Weird Al changed up the lyrics to tell kids everywhere to eat what’s on their plate. The video is similar to Michael Jackson’s, including the clothing style and dancing. Two gangs run around causing mayhem. Meanwhile, Weird Al dances around with half-eaten food all around him. At one point in the video, two guys even have a tug of war with Chicken! Watch the hilarious parody video below!

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