Goofy Rhino Can’t Contain His Excitement to See the Zookeeper- He Made My Day

Animal parks not only house and care for the animal, but they are also bred depending on the species. Rhinocerous belongs to one of the creatures that procreate in the Zoo. Being as large they are, Rhinos can easily defend themselves in the wild, yet their biggest enemy lurks around to poach them are us human. Hence, protection and reproduction are a necessity.

This animal gets excellent care and nourishment after being born. Like everyone, these loveable newborns deserve a playtime, and in the heartwarming video below, you will come forth one of those leisure time. In the clip, the Baby calf is running around the zookeeper in a jolly manner. He runs around till he gets tired and goes back to his mother.

Let’s save this species and give them a home in the earth that these animals rightfully deserve. Share your thoughts around the extinct of families due to human exploitation in the comment section.

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