Pastor Gives 100-year-old Woman a Job. Her Comeback is Putting Everyone in Tears

Eva was born in 1916 and she grew up to be a wonderful young lady. She married the love of her life and gave birth to two children. Now she is 100 years old and believes has lived a blessed life. That is the reason she is so enthusiastic about giving back to those that are less fortunate that she is. The elderly woman wakes up every day to create something wonderful for children in need. Eva learned how to sew because of her mother, a woman who made outfits for her entire family and never thought of buying items from the store. And now, this sewing skill has become useful to Eva as well.

Eva used to be interested in creating something from scratch, so she watched how her mother made those beautiful dresses, shirts, and pants out a large piece of fabric. She practiced it as a child, and the skills progressed as she became older. When her Eva’s pastor asked her to help create gifts for kids who usually don’t receive Christmas presents, she went all in. Even at 100 years old, the woman wakes up from 2 to 5 in the morning and starts sewing gifts.

She was given the task to create 180 dresses, and each dress takes a while to complete. Eva has a long road ahead of her, since making 180 dresses from scratch isn’t something that happens immediately. That is why she is so determined to finish the job before she leaves the world. Watch this wonderful lady in action below! What did you think about this? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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