Hundreds of Mattresses Attack People by the Poolside and Everything Gets Captured

Everyone has some kind of irrational fear. One weird source of worry for many people is the possibility of a zombie attack. Moreover, the hundreds of books and movies on the undead don’t help in ridding this horrific nightmare. However, this particular night terror is something you can’t have in bed since it’s the attack of the mattress itself!

Robb Manes was hanging out near the pool when he saw a mattress fly by. Admittedly, it must have been a strange sight! But when he saw another one following and then another one, he began recording. For context, there was a “Movie Night Under The Stars” nearby the previous evening. Moreover, a storm was on its way in Denver, Colorado, which is where this event took place.

mattress attack

In the clip, you can see the dark clouds forming as hundreds of mattresses roll around. Moreover, the bedding follows the strong winds as it invades the park. And the beds just don’t stop coming! Some brave people even try to hold them down, but it is just too challenging. Furthermore, a few futons also manage to cross the fence and head to the pool area! Watch the video of the mattress attack below:

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