Shocking Footage Shows Crowded Italian Street During Country’s Lockdown

Scientists all over the world are racing to create a vaccine or medicine for the Corona Virus. But with global deaths reaching the hundred thousand mark, we can’t just wait around for a cure. Moreover, limiting social exposure can heavily contribute to preventing the spread of COVID-19. However, shocking footage from Italy shows people blatantly ignoring social distancing guidelines and walking around in public!

Italy is the third-most affected country by the global pandemic. Moreover, the state even has strict lockdown rules in place to control the viruses spread. And with more than a hundred and sixty thousand cases confirmed, you’d think people would try to be more mindful! However, the clip shows crowds of people in the marketplace of Livorno.

italy crowd

In the video that 22-year-old Giulia Domenici filmed, you can see people are strolling the streets as if it’s a typical day. Moreover, she sarcastically explains that this is how people are social distancing! And this isn’t uncommon in the area. The only time when Giulia doesn’t see as many people is in days with bad weather. I wish people could be more selfless in these trying times. Watch the shocking video below:

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