Dad Scolds Dog for Bad Behavior but the Guilty Pooch’s Heartfelt Apology is Irresistible

Dogs are called man’s best friend, and not without reason. They are the most loyal and loving companions we can ever imagine having. They are almost like furry angels sent to this world to spread love and happiness. But even the most obedient and good dog can get a little naughty sometimes. Well, nobody is perfect, and for all the wonderful things they do for us, they can be a little bad to balance things out!

Dog owners know this very well. Their dogs can be absolute angels, but they can sometimes do devilish things when nobody is watching. Dog owners can occasionally have to deal with their precious pooches stealing food, ripping through the garbage or even leaving the house in an absolute disaster. The Labrador in the following video was being told off by dad for being a bad boy.

Meet Ettore. He was being scolded by his dad for his bad behavior. You can tell his heart was feeling overburdened by guilt, as he couldn’t even look at dad in the eye. He immediately set out to apologize, and the only way he could apologize was by getting on dad’s lap and resting his head against dad’s chest. What an adorable moment—this pooch was really sorry indeed!

The man tried being curt and firm with him, but after a while, he just had to accept his dog’s apology. Who can resist such a heartfelt apology?

Check out this adorable video below:

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