Foolish Guy Smokes at Gas Pump Until Employee Teaches Him a Lesson

Smoking at a gas station is one of the dumbest things one could do. The smoke may cause a massive accident. Regardless of the dangers, some people are just foolish enough to do whatever they think they want.

However, if there are more people like this smart and confident gas station employee, one can surely prevent dangerous accidents. In viral footage, a man is smoking his cigarette near the gas pump. One of the customers is alerted by the situation and he drives away after filling his gas.

Likewise, the employee in the gas station warns this person several times to not smoke around. Unfortunately, the smoker sarcastically smokes. The gas station employee gets furious and stops the person with a massive fog from a fire extinguisher.

And we must say, fools only understand the language of terror and sometimes mild violence even!

Watch the full video below!

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