This Weatherman Finds a Creative Way to Quit His Job and Gets Sued for It

There are many reasons why people tend to quit their jobs. However, this weatherman went the extra mile to quit his.

An employee might be dissatisfied because of lots of reasons. His reasons may be related to his personal feuds within the place he works. Not many people, whatsoever, have the guts to retaliate against their workplace or the employer. A video of a weatherman went viral all over the internet.

The people were both amused and shocked by the nerves of this sarcastic weatherman. As soon as he has to talk about the weather, he mentions a woman athlete’s chest as the major topic of his story. His reference to it with American slang makes his words sound even more inappropriate.

The weatherman eventually got fired for this. And we must admit, there really isn’t much that would’ve happened with his action.                                                                      Watch the full video below!

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