Ellen Called a Deaf Mom on Her Show. A Few Moments Later, the Woman Breaks Down in Tears…

Sarah is a young mother of two who was completely deaf. She was born with a DNA that made the hairs in her middle ears to keep from forming. In this clip, we can see Ellen talking to this lovely woman after she received her first hearing aid. This procedure allows her to hear sounds she has never heard before, but it costs around $30,000 per ear. She only had one implant done.

Sarah and her husband weren’t able to afford it on their own, so Sarah’s mother-in-law, Lari, did something incredible instead. She cashed in her retirement savings to pay for Sarah’s hearing device — since it was not covered by her insurance. Ellen was really impressed by Lari’s selflessness, so she invited the whole family on her show. She has a beautiful surprise for them. Wait till you see what it is!


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